Environmental Sustainability

What are we doing to ensure the long-term sustainability of our world?

Environmental sustainability is important to many people, especially as we see the growing impacts of global warming around the world. We believe that building sustainability into our practices is a focal point of our business.

This isn’t because we want to hop on the “environmental” bandwagon or because it makes for good marketing. The reality is that doing business in a way that is environmentally sustainable is key to building our own resilience as a company.

By limiting (as much as possible) our impact on the environment and doing as much in a sustainable way has several benefits for us as a company.

  1. By reusing the boxes we receive our product in, we are giving that box a second (or third – our suppliers often reuse the boxes themselves!) life and reducing the need for another box to be made. This also means that we don’t have to spend money on our own shipping boxes. Our name is on the website, in our email addresses, on our invoices, on your credit card statements, and in a bunch of other places. We don’t need to put our name on the side of the box as well.
  2. We create a lot of paper in the course of our work – contracts, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, and all sorts of other documents end up getting printed. By shredding our recyclable paper (some of it isn’t recyclable) using a cross-cut shredder, and mixing the shredded pieces together, we can make our own padding to protect our products in shipment. We package them in sealed paper or recyclable plastic bags so you don’t get shredded paper all over the place!
  3. Our site is hosted through the wonderful folks at Green Geeks who use renewable energy to run their servers and keep us up 99.99% of the time!
  4. Our office is in the basement of our owner’s home – which means that additional lighting is a necessity. In order to minimize the impact from this additional lighting, we use LED lights for direct work lighting and leave the basement lights off whenever possible. Being in the basement has an additional environmental impact though – it maintains a consistent temperature year-round. This means we’re not spending as much on heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer!
  5. Unless the customer requests otherwise, we will always use the most efficient and economical shipping method. Expedited and overnight shipping almost always requires the shipment to be flown for at least part, if not most of the trip. By using Canada Post as our primary shipper, we not only use established transport chains but we also support an important public service that is used by all Canadians.

We are always finding ways to be more sustainable and resilient, partly so that we can pass the savings on to you, but also so that we can have a healthy and sustainable environment for years to come.