June 2, 2020 By mwoodall 0

Black Lives Matter

Courtesy of Wikimedia

I realized that while I have been active on my own Social Media, I haven’t made a public statement about what we stand for as a company.

Black Lives Matter

I was disgusted by the video of George Floyd’s arrest.

I was disgusted by the video of Ahmaud Arbery being hunted while he ran.

I have been disgusted by so many of the ways that minorities, immigrants, people of colour and those who are LGBTQ+ have been treated.

It is no longer good enough for me to just be disgusted.

Black Lives Matter

Truth be told, it was time long ago for me to move past disgusted and into action.

As the owner and founder of the company, it is my prerogative to decide what the company stands for, and this is where we draw the line.

RMR Safety Products and Services will always stand up for equality by advocating for people who are traditionally marginalized. As a company owned by a white man, it is our responsibility to use our voice, both my personal voice and our corporate voice to amplify the messages from those marginalized communities.

Black Lives Matter

RMR Safety Products and Services will always be Public, Intentional, and Explicit in our support.

When we are Public, we will use our platforms to amplify marginalized voices by supporting them with our full corporate voice.

When we are Intentional, we will make deliberate decisions about supporting movements and organizations and the ways in which we support them.

When we are Explicit, we will make clear statements about our support and the ways in which we support movements, organizations, and marginalized voices.

So we are publicly, intentionally, and explicitly saying

Black Lives Matter